In The Raw

I never rush and it wasn’t necessary, people seemed to be under some sort of spell – a scent of serenity in the air on Tarja Turunen’s comeback to Portugal, like she was already part of our daily life’s or at the very least, what I was exactly expecting to find: a more polite, human and definitely a audience equal to Tarja’s new album – In The Raw, brilliant!
A Metal Ladies Night marked by three front women totally on their comfort zone and making that very clear on stage, beginning with the Folk Metal of Serpentyne from United Kingdom and formed in 2010 whom Maggiebeth Sand operated with her magic voice, together with her fellow mates playing a orchestral style combined with powerful riffs and even a Bagpipe! forget CODIV-19!!, 30 min. were enough (but are never enough) to feel their contagious joy of being on stage and the night had just started… but looked promising already.

Throughout the first acts, very little time was spend in breaks maybe except to a backstage/bathroom visit or to catch a beer where Corona did not made part of this event (yes, metal heads protect themselves). Beautiful to see also the endeavor of all photographers in taking the best photo of the musicians but as usual, respecting other’s working space.
The Temperance (literally) reflects the enthusiasm that a modern melodic power metal band must have, founded in 2013 this Italian group blends heavy metal riffs, electronic sounds and elements of folk that all mix together results into powerful songs, so well interpreted by the unstoppable front woman Alessia Scolletti and musicians with more than 10 years of experience. Definitely a worth live music experience!

During the break to Tarja’s the time seemed endless due to an high expectation for the performance, I was still focused in drank all possible details I could to write this text for you while others, mostly men started to whistle, “Women like to make people wait” (specially Men), dudes, get used to it!!! So, our Diva had just entered the building and left everyone in the room just hypnotized by the 1st impression and beyond but when I had almost sure that it would be her voice to leave a scar on me, I’ve changed my mind by having a real lesson about: “How To Conquer A Live Audience”.

Lesson nº1: Smile
Tarja’s capability of being smiling during hours in a row is amazing (no joke!).
From the beginning of the show to the very end, leaves us a sensation of a singer who really loves what she does but more, a person that is truly happy in sing for us; something always appreciated by her fans and which audience thanks.

Lesson nº2: Be Yourself
Tarja is a grow Women with a family to raise and the last thing on earth to her be worried about is what you think about her age, look, attitude or even career decisions.
Her presence on stage makes everyone forget Nightwish past, make you wonder where the heck she bought her clothes or even question about how a women should dress on stage (or not).
This is Tarja Turunen, just get over it…

Lesson nº3: Be Strong
Being yourself also means have no fear of express feelings to others, according to Tarja’s own words: “(…) question yourself: Are you feeling happy? Really happy? No? Just… say ‘Goodbye’.”

Lesson nº4: Be Happy
Tarja makes no distinction between personal and business life, in order to manage it, the secret plan always seems to be the same: be happy.

Lesson nº5: Leave ‘Saudade’
“Saudade” is one of the most meaningful words in the entire human vocabulary and it have no English synonym. The meaning is directly connected with Portuguese history, culture and social behavior – ‘missing someone’ shows how much you care for a specific person.

Personal notes
I could like also to ‘Thank You Tarja’ for making me feel like a red tomato every time you looked and point on us, for making me drop a tear on your piano solo but specially, for share with us your LOVE for music and teach all this and much more… please come back again soon, we are already feeling with ‘saudade’.

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Susana Bel Moon is a freelancer online artist who had developed several projects in the past, as the Master Webdesigner of the 1st Portuguese Website about Gothic Culture 'O Santuário' and many anothers about internacional bands such as Dope Starts Inc. or movies. In the meanwhile, she also did alternative fashion modeling and interested by other types of music she was a Industrial Dancer aswell. Misunderstood by everyone, struggling for acception and being not followed besides all developed online work are the reasons why she have decided to gave up almost everything and dedicate her life only to the Stage Alley.

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